If there was one course, I took this year that specifically made me more dangerous it would simply be this single day I spent with Ed Calderon. The real tragedy of this experience for me was simply that I only had enough time to be there for the first day of his two-day course and so I look forward to making another review hopefully later on this year with more of his training.

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What I love most about the course is that it taught me as the end-user, different ways to think about using edged weapons, making weapons of opportunity and things like that. It taught me a way of being, a way of thinking and I think that’s most valuable. We learned a way of being nefarious somewhat, not in a negative way but we learned a powerful form of creativity that can be utilized for good or evil just as with any tool.  Many courses will teach you tactics and tactics are phenomenal but they are singular in nature. The situation is what dictates the appropriate tactics.

Principles have a much wider application and can be applied in many different ways on many different levels encompassing a variety of tactics and benefiting from the synergy of those tactics when utilized appropriately. Learning a paradigm or a way of thinking however is one of the most valuable things in my opinion because it changes your perspective and perspective dictates performance.

Ed’s weaponologies content simply taught the student a way of being and gave us a glimpse into a paradigm that can have wide implications and far-reaching uses over the spectrum of many different circumstances.

Beyond this, we learned about violence and combat in a way that I think was very beneficial for anyone who’s not familiar with what it really takes to thrust a sharp object into someone. The equipment and drills we were utilizing, I believe were perfect for the task of helping us all understand what it could and possibly would take one day in order to be effective protectors.  The content was very intense and visceral which I really appreciate because I feel so much of our training as good guys is not intense or realistic enough to help us truly be prepared for a fight for our own lives.

I recommend this course to civilians, law enforcement officers and also private security agents.  As a civilian father, I would send my wife and daughter/children to a course like this to help them understand how dark and evil the world truly is and what it might take to survive one day. For law enforcement officers, this course will help you understand many of your own vulnerabilities with regard to knife attacks as well as what suspects can do to your lawful restraints. This course simply shows you that it’s never safe to assume that your suspect is still being lawfully restrained after you understand how easy it is to get free. For private security professionals this course will simply help you understand how to move effectively in other countries with your clients, what types of things you can do to hard target, surveillance detection and also the counter custody piece is obviously extremely important.

At the end of the day, I’d say this course made me a more dangerous and aware protector and therefore I look forward to learning so much more from Ed Calderon.  He will be one of our elite instructors at the Protector Symposium so if you haven’t gotten your tickets, get them now because we are running out of time!

GO HERE https://byronrodgersmotivation.com/the-protector-symposium/

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