Chris Skahills has got to be one of the most technically proficient human beings I know. When he’s interested in something his mind is literally like an encyclopedia or a dictionary.

He’s the type of guy who knows everything there is to know about a subject almost literally. In every squad you have people with different skill sets and beyond his martial arts background and being one of our best shooters/instructors, he’s also our light expert. He’s the guy you talk to before going to buy any light source be it a flashlight, hand-held light, weapon-like or anything else of that sort.

He’s taught classes on it, he has an industry background in it and has the most intimate knowledge of the technical and tactical aspect of light than anyone I’ve ever known. Before purchasing my very own Surefire EDCL 1-T, I consulted with him on the ideal light not only for work but also every day carry. Two years after purchasing the Surefire EDCL 1-T, it’s by far my favorite handheld light and the best handheld light I’ve ever owned.

The use of light is a force multiplier and tactical tool that is very often overlooked as an asset in my opinion. Out of all of the gizmos and gadgets I carry on me, my hand-held torch is the one I use the most both on and off the job. With all that been said, Chris Skahills is a close friend and genuinely the best person I know to shine some light on this underutilized, understudied and very often underappreciated area of expertise with regards to the private security game.

Those of you who worked events, clubs and other venues know all too well what I’m talking about. We go deep into all aspects of light selection, usage and tactics during this interview, enjoy!

Gear Review Surefire EDCL 1-T

Itinerary of information during the episode :

03:08: What light should I have?
05:04 – Higher level illumination device
08:17 – Well balanced spill light
10:43 – Shadows and places of darkness
12:50 – Target Indicator
13:27 – Light works both ways
16:44 – What’s the amount of light that you do need?
18:15 – A quiet day is the best day
23:17 – What are lumens?
27:19 – Things you want to know in your battle
30:29 – What’s your life worth?
32:57 – Rechargeable battery solutions
40:03 – Weapon of opportunity
43:30 – Using darkness as concealment
44:55 – Strobe as a feature for communication or signaling
48:55 – Tools of the trade
52:50 – Cross compatibility
57:44 – Do you need a flashlight?
01:11:25 – Flashlight tag
01:19:55 – Excuse of the day
01:21:32 – What’s your one shot draw?
01:32:42 – A ritual that makes you a better agent
01:38:32 – Where can we find you?
01:39:35 – End credits

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