This episode is a special one for sure! ER Ramblers has done it again with an amazing article all about executive protection pretenders. The article has had monumental success and I know that’s because it definitely hit a pain point within our industry. As I read the article I cringed, laughed, smiled, and felt compassion for the things many different people try to do to make it in this industry. I’ve always said that executive protection can be something like modeling or being a professional artist. I remember dating and it seemed like every pretty girl I met said she was a model but only if you really actually we’re doing it full-time or making a living at it.

I interview private security professionals who say they’ve done executive protection when in reality they were watching a table when a celebrity came to their club or maybe a celebrity lives within the gated community they protect… Every business owner in this industry has seen things like this and for those reasons we all found this article extremely truthful and entertaining. The flipside is simply that there are so many people in this industry trying to make it that really don’t know how and are doing a number of things that are hurting the reputation more than it’s helping them get in the game or even improving the image of what we do.

So make no mistake this isn’t an episode bashing on those who have made these professional pho pause but it truly turned out to be extremely educational to my delight! Lastly this article gave me an opportunity to dig into some of the reasons why I do business the way I deal with a number of my brands and it’s nice to be able to speak about those things as they come up.

Christian and Jared has truly been generating some outstanding content on their blog EP ramblers and if you haven’t found it yet or you don’t know who they are you need to go check the show notes and get caught up ( Both of them have done an amazing thing in this industry with this blog not only to educate but also entertain based on the truths that we live within the private security game every day. There’s something for everyone in this episode has always!

Protector by nature and by trade

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:03 – Introduction
05:21 – Strong leaders make leaders
12:56 – Violating Confidentiality
19:24 – Coming up in the EP game
25:44 – Giving more room to people than you should
30:55 – Improving the game
48:34 – The psychological jump from being hardcore to being EP efficient
59:51 – Defeating politics
01:02:50 – A double-edged sword
01:11:27 – Vulnerability is strength
01:12:48 – End Credits

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